How can I register Magic Jack Plus?

Whether your registering device for first time or if you registering and transfeing one device to another, your magicjack should be plugged in via usb port to complete registration process.


 Registration Process for New Customers Only.

(Watch This video if you want to register device and you have never owned a magicjack)


Registration Process Current customers Only

(Watch this video if you already have a magicjack and want to register your new magicjack by transferring your old device too your new device along with years of service)



If for some reason you do not get the registration screen that pops up when you plug the device in,  please make sure to disable any pop up blocker that you may have and then unplug device and replug it back in and see if the screen will pop up....


If you do not have a pop up blocker and it still will not allow you to register, 

then you can go to this web address  and make sure your device is plugged directly into computer and click on the big orange buttin that says I'm ready lets go.

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Nov-03-2013 08:47 pm
Jason Berger
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Comment of annonym,,,:
this answer is useless..
Added at: Sep-07-2012 11:14 pm

Comment of Ruby Fuseymore:
I have been trying to register my magic jack plus for over a month now I ... show morepaid for it all ready.
Added at: Apr-05-2013 01:41 pm

Comment of Sandee Haley:
The 2014 NEW MagicJackPlus packaging states you no longer need to plug the NEW MagicJackPlus device ... show moreinto your PC first to register. It says you can use any device to register as long as that device is using the same home network as the MagicJackPlus. I've been trying to register using my IPhone via WiFi on same network, but the website listed on pkg for registering has no link for the registration process. Please verify whether any device (ie, Tablet, IPhone, etc.) can be used to register the "NEW 2014 MagicJackPlus. Thank you
Added at: Jul-20-2013 04:51 am

Comment of Rashan :
I followed the instructions for the registrastion without the computer. You have to plug it into ... show morethe computer first to register. The first time it didn't work. But I log back in and it registered. Once you are done with the registration you can take it out and plug it in a router or modem and it will be fine. I just got it today and it is registered.
Added at: Aug-22-2013 05:38 pm

Comment of krishan lal:
It worked. I connected it to my laptop for registration and then hooked it to my ... show morerouter. Thanks.
Added at: Aug-27-2013 09:51 pm

Comment of ken kellogg:
Magic Jack told me they had sent my new password to my e-mail address. Despite much ... show moreeffort, nothing showed up there for over a day. Now, after some hours of effort, I am unable to register it. Their website is worthless.
Added at: Sep-24-2013 05:23 pm